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The CEP includes the goals and strategies of a specific school for that year. School Leadership Teams work to develop these goals and strategies that lead to improved student outcomes. Please click the button below to learn more about comprehensive education plans.

For the school year 2022-2023, here are the CEP goals for our students to address their ongoing academic and social-emotional development. 

GPS CEP GOALS 2022-2023 

Goal #1

By June 2023, Elementary/Middle School Math for all students will increase 10% from 22.5% to 32.5% as measured by NYS Math Exam Results.

Goal #2

By June 2023, Elementary/Middle School ELA for all students will increase 10% from 52.75% to 62.75% as measured by the NYS ELA Exam Results. 

Goal #3 (SWD)

By June 2023, to strengthen the quality and implementation of IEPs for All Students with Disabilities (SWDs), we will improve the present level of performance (PLOP) sections of an IEP, with emphasis on including data-driven assessments, aligned to the Next Generation Learning Standards. PLOP alignments will increase 25% from 50% to 75%, as measured by SESIS IEP review meeting.

Goal #4 (SEL)

By June 2023, all students will engage in one period of Advisory support in an effort to enhance relational trust among teachers and students as evidenced by an increase of 19% from 31% to 50% on the NYC school survey responses. 

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